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Canyoning safari +Zip fly trip to Canyon Goynuk

The canyon is about 15 km from Kemer,4-5 from Goynuk.The entrance is a bit far to walk from the road and there s no bus service to take you there, so a car/taxi is useful .The canyon walk itself is about 2 km, not too steep, doable at every age.It worth doing it, if you are in the area, since the scenery is amazing, it s a breath of fresh air surrounded by rocks and greenery. You may try there Canyoning safari, Zip fly adventure or both Canyoning + Zip fly. If you are a team of 15 people, you might have a guide for free. The trip to the Eco Fun park (this is the official name of the park), it’s not so simple, because there is no regular bus service or any other transportation means. I was staying in Sherwood Club in Goynuk and the trip was offered for free by the hotel. The water is cold, about 16 degrees, however you have to rent water suits, otherwise you are not allowed to swim there. We have paid 8 Euro per person for having a photograph taking pictures of our trip. The tour to the Canyon is about 45 minutes. In order to get there you have to pay the amount in the entrance, depending on the tour you will do. After that, they will take you to the canyon with some pickup cars (about 10 minutes trip through the mountains).


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