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Explore Gray Whale Cove State Beach

Gray Whale Cove is featured by a sheltered cove that surrounds the cliffs at the top towards the Pacific Ocean. It is, therefore, a small picnic area that can easily be seen close to the shore. The sand on the beach is beautiful with beautiful waterfalls that you can observe while walking around the city.

There is a car pack near the area to give visitors easy access to the beach and enable them to close the road safely as they move down to the beach through the wooden steps. The view of the beach is breathtaking; they seem like great waves from the surfers. The beach itself is visible and big enough; this makes it great for different family functions that you can enjoy together.

When you are on the highway, you will get to see a glimpse of the beach with a stunning view. You will see dolphins playing at the waves like yards from the shore, this seen is literary a breath away. It is a perfect beach with a group of people because it accommodates many people at the same time.

Down to the sand is a very cool place with people hanging out while enjoying their experience as they watch the dolphins’. You can also watch from one end of the beach to the other taking at least 15 minutes protected by cliffs on each side, this is incredible

Gray whale cove state beach has perfect water that you cannot find on any beach. For a private spot of reflection or a quite a romantic getaway for both young and old lovers, this is the best place to spend time together. Once you have experienced the site, you will want to come back. If you have not visited the place, make a date and visit, you will never regret your decision.



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