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Grinnell Glacier Trail

The hike starts from the Many Glacier Lodge and can be either a 10 mile hike or if you schedule to take the two boats to shuttle you across the two lakes along the way it is about 6 miles with about 2200 foot elevation gain. The most rides are fun and save 4 miles of flat hiking along the lake shore. From the far end of the second lake you cross on a raised wooden walkway through a swampy area and cross a bridge to start the ascent. It is strenuous and took us 2 1/4 hours going up at a moderate pace. Sections of the trail are steep and others exposed so a tolerance for a moderate amount of exposure is necessary but views along the way are spectacular. At one point we had to walk under a waterfalls and did get wet but it is not a serious problem. The glacier itself is in a high cirque and has a lake with icebergs floating in it. While a bit of hiking, it was the best hike we did in the park that week.


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