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Hike and Relax Capo Caccia

This is the marine part of the vast ecosystem of Porto Conte Park, added in 2002. Capo Caccia-Piana Island's protected area falls within Alghero's territory and includes Porto Conte Bay and the stretch from PungaGiglio to Capo Caccia: a priceless natural heritage embellished by fossil-rich calcareous and rare cliff-growing plants. You can visit nature and archeological sites with trekking and cave itineraries, such as Le Prigionette, a forest with white donkeys, Giara ponies and deer, or the Grotta Verde, where you can find traces from seven thousand years ago, perhaps intended for the dead or as dangerous goods, including human fossils and ceramics. 


This is one of the most stunning places on the island. It is 25 KM from Alghero– 90 minutes on scenic route by bike or 30 minutes by bus (off the season) just morning bus at 9:15 from via Catalogna bus station back at 12:00 which gives you plenty time to discover the palace and walk down to Grotta di Nettuno for 11:00 AM tour. Great views to all sides, rough rocks, beautiful sea.


It takes 30 minutes to the cliffs and then you can pay extra to go into Neptunes Cave and then come back on the same boat. They make you all around the bottom of the cliffs and show you the erosion that has taken place.


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