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Dip in Breathtaking Thermal Hot Spring Riverof Grutas Tolantongo

The Grutas De Tolantongo is an amazing place to visit. It is in a deep canyon near San Cristobal, Hidalgo. A river of warm, blue water comes out of a large cave. There are cascades and swimming pools higher up on the mountain.

You have to pay an entrance fee of 120 pesos per person at the top of the road into the park and when you check in to a hotel you will have to pay another 120 pesos per person as you stay overnight and the entrance fee is only valid until 8 pm. Every extra night you stay in the park, whether you have to pay 120 pesos per person in a hotel tent each time you can book a room. Add to your spending money this calculation as there are no cash machines. Close to the hotels, there are snack shops and some restaurants in the park. It's not costly to eat there. Average a meal for 100 pesos. I was there for a week and I also went to La Gloria where you could get too close to the caves. There is an additional fee to enter La Gloria that is 70 pesos, but the fee is worth it. To make your campfire, you can buy firewood. Some toilets and showers are very clean, but take your toilet paper. 


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