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Hike to Haifoss Fall

In South-Iceland, at the end of the highlands, you will find the third highest waterfall in Iceland. Háifoss, which is 122 meters high, is situated in Fossá river, which is a spring water river of the glacial river Þjórsá, Iceland's longest river.

Háifoss waterfall views are amazing and it's not very visited.Contrary to misinformation in some guide books, it is possible to drive all the way to Haifoss on an access road for the electric utility, but a 4-wheel drive is mandatory. 

First visit the archeological site at Stong, then the waterfalls at Gjain, and from there continue past the gate on the road to Haifoss. There is also access to the utility road from the main highway. 

From the parking area, there is a short walk to the edge of a sheer cliff, for a vertiginous view of the two waterfalls crashing to the bottom of the canyon. There is no railing, so please be careful and watch the kids! It is hard to see the bottom of the falls unless you walk right up to the edge, which is rather dangerous, but you can get a fairly good view by standing on some boulders a safe distance from the rim. This is definitely off the beaten tourist path, but well worth visiting along with other sights in the Thjorsardalur valley.


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