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Situated between the outer edge of the See and the towering Dachstein mountains, Austria is somewhat of a mirage in the Salzkammergut region, the oldest and probably most photographed village. There are several options to reach the spectacular Hallstatt Alpine village, but the best way to get a ferry ride across the lake. As you can see the arresting landscape of a small town lurking between mountains and water, you'll want to know more about this destination right away. What might Hallstatt's rich secret be? Villages have been trading for centuries a very popular commodity deep under the surface, salt. Explore the Hallstatt Mines in the oldest salt mines of the world. The local museum shows history with 7000-year-old items; several tours are available to reveal how Hallstatt came to be. Explore the hidden salt lake and the miner's mummy-preserved in salt. Take a short stroll to one of the world's most photographed points to see your snapshot. Take the lovely houses built on the mountain, the glassy lake, and the stunning mountains. Take a nature walk through Echerntal and discover sceneries that attracted mountaineers, explorers, romantic poets and painters for a beautiful view. 


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