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Watching the sunset at Big Crater Ha Makhtesh Gadol

Once you leave the town on Route 225, the scenery is just non-stop. I saw a sign for Mount  Avnon, and turned left. Follow a small dirt road, and you will be treated to absolutely AMAZING views of the canyon, with virtually no one to bother you. The trail becomes near vertical, but easily hiked. This rocky ridge is called the Big Fin (Snapir Ha’gadol) because from the distance it looks like the fin on the back of a fish. At no point did we feel we were in danger. With each step up, the view became more and more awesome and near the top. At the top, you stand right over the lone opening common to all the craters in this desert. Each crater has its own opening on the east side of the crater which 10 million years ago had allowed water that had collected in the crater to flow out and down towards the Dead Sea. Also at the top, one can see the entire ring of this Big Crater and the striking colored sand deposits, which can be found in all the craters of the desert.


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