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Hang Your Lock of Love on Eiserner Steg

Bridges had always been one of the most intriguing landmarks all around the world. Their importance is not only the obvious one, to connect two shores as a transportation short cut, but they also have historical, cultural, and artistic value. No matter where in the world you are traveling, if there is a river nearby, there must be a bridge too. Finally, bridges are the best tourist spots for taking impressive pictures thanks to spectacular overlooks they offer. 

One of these beautiful-vista bridges is the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) that spans across the Main River in Frankfurt. This is the only pedestrian bridge that connects Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen and downtown. Besides being a real pleasure to cross this bridge and enjoy the stunning views, this landmark is also popular for the thousands of locks of love that decorate both sides. Couples who visit this part of Frankfurt traditionally add a lock with their names on it and hang it on one of the many clusters, joining the forces of love with countless other love birds from all around the world. It's believed that this will bring good luck to the relationship and make it last forever. 

The view of the skyline is absolutely gorgeous, especially if you find yourself on the bridge around sunset. Also, you might enjoy the view of the museums lining Main River, and take a time to make some unforgettable shots. 

Eiserner Steg is one of the best sites to visit as a pedestrian in Frankfurt. If you travel with your loved one, you mustn't miss the opportunity to hang your lock of love there, and if you are single, you might run into the love of your life while crossing the bridge. Whatever the case may be, this bridge is a must while visiting this metropolis.  



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