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Walk the white sands of Haukland Beach

White sand, blue turquoise water. Usually the words arctic and beach are not mentioned in the same phrase together, but there may be some of the most spectacular beaches you'll ever see on the Lofoten Islands. 

The water might be a bit cold on the side, although local kids don't seem to mind, but you'll rapidly find more than make up for most of the beaches ' amazing settings.  And there is not much better than a barefoot walk through the waves or a pleasant driftwood-fire to bring in the new day on a summer night as the sun hangs over the ocean in the south.

The following is an overview of some of my favorite Lofoten beaches.  It's not a full list, but it's a good start for any journey to the islands.  I'm going to write from the perspective of a photographer, so some beaches that might get high feedback in the travel guidebooks don't measure all that well for photography.  And as with any' top' list, much of it depends on my experiences at any given time.

If you're on vacation in the Lofoten Islands then the drive down the E10 to the side roads is worth a detour to photograph and explore the various beaches. Haukland Beach was pretty lovely to explore. I can imagine that the car park would be packed on a summer's day, but fortunately it was just us and a little later and a tiny couple of locals.


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