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Hellman Park Trails: Run+Hike

What you'll get at Hellman Park is hills and more hills and a great workout. It's both challenging yet great knowing you're going to get a good workout that both love you and hate you with your legs and butt. But the sweet part is all about the amazing views and the beautiful scenery you'll encounter. Brings lots of water as there is not a lot of shade and you definitely need to hydrate during the warmer weather. This is Whittier's a great trail. Be careful as you don't want to get a ticket to the parking situation. Usually we park in Uptown Whittier and walk to the trail as it adds to the workout after all. 

At the starting point off Greenleaf and Orange you are hiking uphill for a good 3/4 of a mile. Elevation is not for the faint of heart. Prior to hitting the first big hill, there is a trail that veers around the mountain to the left which has an easier incline or you can take a trail to the right which takes you back down to the parking lot. There are lots of options once you reach the top of the first hill...more hills, more trails.


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