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Heybeliada island, Marmara sea the green biking paradise

Heybeliada is the second-largest island among Prince's Islands near Istanbul. This green haven is abundant in lush forests and few settlements. It is the greenest between the Princes' Islands and it is the favorite spot for picnickers and daydreamers looking for a peaceful escape from the overcrowded city. 

Renting a bike while visiting Heybeliada is one of the best things to do while here if you want to explore the island to the bone. Horse-drawn carriages are the main attraction during the summer months when the weather is nice and warm. 

There are a lot of historical buildings on the island that are still inhabited and preserved the original facades. The wood carvings on these houses are incredibly beautiful that will leave you no other choice but to admire them and take some awesome shots. 

Heybeliada has a Greek Orthodox School, a Monk's School, and the Hagia Triada Monastery, still operating in the original buildings. Visiting the monastery is not always possible and it requires special permission, but you can always enjoy the views of it. Heybeliada Island also has a Naval High School and four ports, including Bahriye Harbour, Mendirek Harbour, Degirmenburnu Bay, and Cam Harbour. 

There are three high points on the island known as Makarios Hill, Degirmen Hill and Tas Ocagi Hill where you can go on short hikes and enjoy the sea views from above. 

Degirmenburnu Bay has the best swimming beach on the island, and it is the favorite picnic spot as well. 

From the Sirkeci coast of Istanbul, you can visit the Princes' Islands by a ferryboat, or even by a sea bus from Eminonu, Kabatas, Kadikoy or Bostanci. 

Heybeliada is a perfect getaway for people who get tired of Istanbul's 24/7 active life.



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