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Highbridge Park Trail, New York.

Washington Heights’ Highbridge Park isn’t just a bike trail for casual riders; it also appeals to more extreme bike riders. Pictured above is NYC’s historic High Bridge, which just reopened to pedestrians and bikers this year. This location also has a free-ride trail and a dirt jump park, designed with the help of professional bike riders. So if you happen to love all of the technical log rides and natural obstacles, this would be a bike trail to mark on your list. During the Civil War, the bridge—now included on the National Register of Historic Places—was a strategic point for both Union and Confederate soldiers; both armies made attempts to destroy it to prevent the other side from crossing the river. About a dozen miles from the west end of the High Bridge Trail is the famed Appomattox Court House, where General Lee finally surrendered. Several museums and other historical attractions in Appomattox make the town a worthwhile side trip. For the more adventurous, the rail-trail extends outward from either end of the bridge, totaling more than 30 miles through woodlands and rural farmland. The trail’s surface of finely crushed limestone is well-suited for hybrids and mountain bikes, and horseback riding is also permitted. Restrooms are available en route, but drinking water is not, so be sure to pack some. In addition to Farmville, the communities of Pamplin City, Prospect and Rice are also connected by the trail. Its eastern end lies just outside of Burkeville. Packing List: Sunblock Cream Hiking Shoes Yoga Pants Snacks


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