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Hike and surf in Grotta

Encompassed by black sands and a mountainous coastline, it is an awe-inspiring spot to look out to the  Atlantic ocean. Especially the Seabirds, such as Arctic Terns, that form a colony on the rocks, and the water varieties, such as tufted ducks, can be found in the beautiful neighboring pond, Bakkatjörn.

You should also keep their eyes on the shoreline for seals, which are occasional visitors.

Throughout summer, many species of birds nest in the area. Throughout June, areas will be closed off to protect the birds, so stick to the walking paths.

There are multiple hiking and biking trails, the Kvika footpath and Norðurströnd walking path taking you to the most scenic points. Grótta is connected to the mainland by a thin lane that during the high tide submerges underneath the sea. 

If you enjoy surfing then you'll find opportunities in this area to surf as well.



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