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Hike around Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado

After having watched countless reruns of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, who isn’t fascinated with dinosaurs? What would it have been like to see gigantic dinosaurs walk amongst us, laboring as they pick up their heavy feet and stomp them down on the ground, leaving their marks in their wake? Well, you can experience some of that potential feeling by visiting the Dinosaur Ridge, one of the most exciting and interesting sites to see in all of Colorado. The Dinosaur Ridge is where over 300 dinosaur footprints have been actually preserved and put on display for people like you and me to admire and gawk at, thousands and thousands of years after they were actually made.


The trail at the Dinosaur Ridge stretches out for about a mile, with informative and interpretive signs located along the way to help guide you through the sites and facilitate your experience with all the knowledge you need. Along with the dinosaur footprints, you will also get to observe real fossils of these age old creatures, including the bones of a Stegosaurus and whatnot. The trek is supplemented by a variety of plant life along the way, including junipers, mahogany trees, oaks, and pine trees. The wildlife includes mule deer, rock squirrels, and foxes, with the like of scrub jays and magpies gracing the skies with their musical murmurs.


You can even tag along with a guided tour to make it the best experience. You will also find the Dinosaur Ridge Exhibit Hall to be quite fascinating and interesting.



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