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Hike Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Approximately 1,300 acres of coastal estuary is the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Habitats include open water, mudflats, salt marsh, coastal dunes, riparian and freshwater marsh nesting islands. Bolsa Chica has identified more than 200 avian species and the reserve is popular among birders and photographers. It's a good time to visit Bolsa Chica (BC) any time of year. Even in the summer, you can have a great time with the terns flying overhead, screeching and squawking before the return of the shorebird. And the Ridway's Rail show is happening right on the boardwalk next to the parking lot. Viewing this bird is now routine at Bolsa Chica, the former Clapper Rail, which was once impossible at Back Bay. Learning BC's various nooks and crannies is worth the time. The spots where "it's happening" change every day and change every month. Someone should write a guide to Bolsa Chica's many faces and seasons. 


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