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Hike down to Stefanou Beach

22 Kilometer northeast of Chania, on the east side of Akrotiri Cape,  is the place to one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, snuggled in a canyon leading out to the sea. Inside the narrow slip between two cliffs, the white sand is reaching out into turquoise waters that turn to deep blue as it joins the sea. This place is called Seitan Limania Beach or Stefanou Beach. 

Stefanou Beach has beautiful pebbles and sand that has been transported from the nearby quarry through the canyon Diplohahalo. On the right and the left sides of the cove, solid marble rocks are reaching high to protect the beach from the bad weather. 

Over the past decade, Stefanou has faced a rapid increase of tourists, which made this place into a bustling beach during the peak season. However, the parking is still easy to find. Make sure you use your parking brake to avoid your car following you down the cliff. 

There is a narrow, steep path starting from the parking place and leading to the beach, so make sure you wear sneakers.


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