AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Sete Cidades
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Sete Cidades
AWAYN IMAGE Hike in Sete Cidades

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Your trip to Portugal remains incomplete if you don’t visit Sete Cidades. This is one of the unique locations around the world that only locals know.

Your own eyes can only witness, as words fall short to describe the beauty. Actually, this is an area of the Azores popular among the local tourists. An old fairy tale revolves behind this tourist spot making Sete Cidades as one of the unique places where locals visit. This iconic natural beauty narrates the story of love between a shepherd boy and a princess. Locals say the king refused their marriage, and one evening both of them cried. Their tears took shape of two beautiful lakes, one green and one blue. Well, this was the tale. Actually, both these lakes are formed inside the crater of a dormant volcano. The unique thing is when you look at this lake with bare eyes it reflects various colours which are a wonder to the world.

Sete Cidades is commonly known as the seven cities as this area is surrounded by dormant volcano, lakes and a small village. Collectively among locals, this unique tourist spot is known as Lagoa das Sete Cidades. There is a special viewpoint to see this mesmerizing panoramic view known as Vista do Rei Viewpoint. This hidden gem of Portugal is located in a remote location with a small population where only 1000 people live. 

To reach Sete Cidades to enjoy this breathtaking natural beauty, you must start from Ponta Delgada early morning. Avoid driving in cloudy weather as the beauty of the lake can only be witnessed in a clear sky with bright sunshine. The best option is to get a rent a car and drive on your own. It is about 45 minutes driving distance from Ponta Delgada. Take the help of google map typing “Kings View” and you will land directly to the viewpoint. If the weather is clear, you will find the area crowded as tourist gathered here to enjoy the panoramic beauty. Getting a good parking spot can be challenging as it is extremely crowded. But the best thing is there is no parking rule, so you can park anywhere you like.

Now you may be thinking about what you need to carry with you? I suggest you carry selfie stick as the most important thing in this travel. If you want to take your photos with the panoramic view at the back, a selfie stick is a must to carry. You can also find vendors with food and souvenir stalls near the King’s view. One important thing, you may meet cloudy weather suddenly, but the cloud vanishes quickly. Wait for some time to take some lovely pictures of this unique around the world that only locals know.

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