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Hike Mt. Gongen Observatory Park

If you are someone fascinated by Japan, its cherry blossom season and yes! Mt Fuji, then you must be having climbing Mt Fuji in your travel bucket list. But climbing Mt fuji is not an easy task. Japan has some amazing mountains where you can hike and one among them is Mt Gongen. Mt Gongen is located in Hadano. 

If you are a novice in mountain climbing, Mt Gongen will be a good start for you. In the first kilometers, there are stairs with wide gaps. It can be a little tough climbing those. But once you reach the observatory deck, it will be a smooth climb ahead. It will take you around 15 minutes to reach the Observatory deck. You won't get bored trecking as it’s an up and down treck. 

Once you reach the observatory deck you can see the beautiful IZU island, the TANZAWA area, Sagami bay, and if you are lucky you can also see the astonishing Mt Fuji. If it’s a clear day you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mt Fuji from here. If you want to sit here, relax and get unwind, there are tables as well. You can bring something to eat with you and sit here and do a little picnic. People often sit on these picnic tables and enjoy bits and bites of their food while getting lost in the view. 

This tends to get crowded during the cherry blossom season because the view you see from here is candy to eyes. If you want to see the best view of Mt Fuji you should come here in winters. It’s this time when you will see the beauty of Mt Fuji at its peak. 

If you climb a little north you can also find a bird-watching spot. There is a long wall with windows there, where you can observe wild birds too. 



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