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Hike Paparoa Track

If you are fond of hiking and mountain biking Paparoa Track, New Zealand is one such unique locations around the world that only locals know. This track is getting constructed with a vast stretch of about 55 Km from the tiny village of Blackball in the south to Punakaiki on the coast. Basically, this track crosses the Paparoa range. This great Walking track will take you through mesmerizing landscapes, rainforests and breathtaking views never experienced before. 

The great walking track is divided into various categories like Easy access short walk, Short walk, Walking track, Easier tramping track, advanced Tramping track. People with a different level of fitness can choose the track of their choice. While trekking through this track you can explore the spectacular Pororari River Gorge and explore the area’s mining history. There is an expert route set for professional trackers looking for more adventures. In this expert route track, there are many challenging stages, bumps and muddy roads set that a tracker needs to overcome. 

Paparoa Track also has a mountain biking track. This track is 55.7 Km in length and ideal for those looking for mountain biking. This mountain Biking track is set for Six Levels, Level 1 being the easiest and Level 6 being the toughest. Mountain Bikers will enjoy a lot during their tracking adventure. There are steep climbs, narrow tracks and unanticipated obstacles throughout the track. 

There is a history behind the making of the Paparoa Track. It is built in the memory of the 29 men who died in the 2010 Pike River Mine disaster. This track is all set to be the New Zealand’s 10th Great Walk. This amazing track is, however, having its grand opening scheduled for October 2019. All the adventure lovers are waiting to keep interest for the date to arrive because the track was supposed to open in 2018 which got post ponded. This unique track will give you breathtaking views to the Southern Alps over the Tasman Sea. Pike 29 is just 10.8 Km from this track. 

The government of New Zealand is on full force to make sure that the track gets open on time in 2019. This 55 Km tracking route is divided into parts for the easy access to adventure lovers visiting here. To complete the walking track, the estimated time is 3 Days and mountain biking is maximum 2 Days in one way. The New Zealand government has ensured tourist visiting for the great walk adventure should not face any problem. There are over 20-bunks huts constructed, however, you must book them in advance. These huts have basic amenities like bunks, mattresses, heating, gas cooktops, toilets and water supply. You may be lucky to get a ranger, but there is no food or cooking utensils, so carry them once you are all set to explore the Paparoa Track. The great walk and biking experience through this track is definitely going to be a memorable experience for any adventure lover. 


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