Hike the 5-mile Loop at Claremont Hills


AWAYN IMAGE Hike the 5-mile Loop at Claremont Hills
AWAYN IMAGE Hike the 5-mile Loop at Claremont Hills
AWAYN IMAGE Hike the 5-mile Loop at Claremont Hills

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Claremont Hills Wilderness Park in California is without a doubt one of the most exciting hiking spots you can find in the area. Thanks to this year's rainfalls, this 5-mile loop looks greener than ever, and it offers challenging sections for everyone who needs a different wilderness experience. The elevation gain of this trail is 876 ft, the lowest point is 1643ft, while the maximum elevation is 2461 ft which every nature enthusiast should reach without any difficulty. The Claremont Hills Wilderness Park Trail is open throughout the year, with longest working hours in June and July, thanks to the weather conditions. 

To reach the trailhead of the 5-mile loop, walk half a mile from the parking lot, and pass the seasonal creek. After passing the creek, you will see a junction, which leads to Burbank Trail and Cobal Canyon Trail, and you can choose each one of them to start the loop. The Burbank Trail is on the left, and it goes clockwise, which means you will have to hike three miles of uphill and two miles of downhill. If choosing the counter clockwise loop, you will face the flat section of the loop first, and then start ascending to the top. The necessary time to finish the loop is around three hours, snack breaks included. 

At the 1-mile trail marker, you will have the chance to visit a restroom, which you won't see until 3.5-mile marker. At 1.5-mile marker make sure you choose the right path, that will take you to the Cobal Canyon Fire Trail, opening spectacular vistas of the region. After a mile, you can find a gazebo with benches, a perfect spot to have a picnic lunch. 

The rest of the trail is full of extraordinary views, one more rest area, lush greenery (especially this year), and plenty of fun for your dog. Claremont Hills is the wilderness park we all need on the weekends.


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