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Hike the Nine mile, Canyon

Nine Mile Canyon in reality is a 70 mile long track of Backcountry Byway. The BLM believes it derived its name from, when in 1869, John Wesley Powell was exploring the Green River. The voyages cartographer used a nine mile bisect for mapping and the canyon retained that name. The canyon tracks for 40 miles, so it’s not exactly clear why it’s called Nine Mile Canyon. One theory is that the explorer and surveyor John Wesley Powell may have used a nine-mile transect (a method used by cartographers) to map the area. However, that’s just a guess by the Bureau of Land Management, who oversees the site. It is recalled as “The world’s longest art gallery” and has its widespread and sophisticated images from the Fremont era in general from 400 CE to about 1400 CE also from later Innate Americans and western settlers and explorers during the 19th century. 

Industrial activity around the rock art has stirred up dust and caused vibrations, already taking a toll on the art’s visibility. Large industrial trucks, bulldozers and drill rigs drive along the road that goes through the canyon in order to reach the plateau, where the majority of the wells are. Barrett has undertaken using magnesium chloride as a dust suppressant, but that raises concerns about the chemical seeping into the canyon creek and underground water. A January 2008 report confirmed that dust had clouded the rock art, but BLM argued that the dust cover could be only temporary. The dust study also indicated that the magnesium chloride in the air could be contributing to the corrosion of the rock surfaces. The emissions from industrial activity have also increased the level of ozone in the air.

The situation around Nine Mile Canyon is a textbook example of the record-breaking number of oil and gas leases fast-tracked by the administration of George W. Bush. A Washington Post report found that between 2004 and 2008, the number of permits issued was nearly triple the number issued in the corresponding years under President Clinton.

Main activity includes Camping: With Nine Mile Creek running alongside, plenty of shade, and green grass, our Campgrounds have much to offer. The present 18 campsites provide the perfect atmosphere for Family Reunions and to get together. With over 1,000 acres to explore on this working Cattle Ranch, there is much to see and you surely don’t wanna miss out.



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