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Hike the Rakiura Track in Stewart Island

The Rakiura Track is a 32 kilometre walking track in Stewart Island, which is one of the southern most points in New Zealand. It is also one of the only places in the world where you can walk amongst wild Kiwis in their native habitat, hear their mating calls and look out for their footprints.

Stewart Island sis a 45-minute ferry ride that crosses the Foveaux Strait from Bluff. This region is home to many marine life, including Great White Sharks. 

The Rakiura Track takes three days to complete, in which DOC huts are present to camp at each night and equipped with basic toilet and kitchen facilities. This track also offers a unique historical experience where many early Maori settlement sites and sawmilling relics can be visited.

The three day circuit follows open coastlines, forested paths and beautiful bays to take a dip in (but take note Great White Sharks are often present in these waters). The first part of the track goes to Maori Beach and Port William, where there is clean water supply present. The next part of the track passes through the chain link sculpture at Lee Bay and over the bridge at Little River. If timed right to be at low tide, the track can continue around the beach as well. 

Halfway through the Rakiura Track, rimu and kamahi forests dominate the area. It’s a wonderland for bird watchers, with tui, fantails, parakeets, cuckoos, kaka and tomtits flourishing in the forests.  As the loop comes to an end, there are three more bays to enjoy, Sawdust Bay, Kaipipi Bay and Halfmoon Bay. 

It’s important to note that there are no restaurants on the Rakiura Track so bringing your own food is vital. For those that want an expert to help along the way, there are also guided options to choose from. 



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