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Hike the Sheridan Park

A municipal park in the city of Cudahy, Wisconsin located on the shore of Lake Michigan is recalled as Sheridan Park. Park has occupied an area of 132 acres. Sheridan Park contains distinct natural areas having open fields, wooded areas, bluffs, beaches, and a pond. Its area is along the bluff contains plant species native to this part of Wisconsin. Public Park of Cudahy is the older name of Sheridan Park, the park was built in 1914 on land formerly owned by city founder Patrick Cudahy. The park provides land for baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a children's playground, a picnic area, part of the Oak Leaf Trail, and a pond. Roughly around 4.75 miles are available here for hiking, 4.0 miles for cross-country skiing, and 1.75 miles for bicycling.

Activities to be enjoyed at Sheridan Park:

•Hike/ walk through the Oak Leaf Trail: 

A view surrounded by beauty of Oak leaf trees is perfect site for brisk walking or even hiking along the trail is a good idea. Take trail down to beach. Cut across the field to shorten your walk. You will come across steep downhill trail and a small beach area. You can walk along the shore to find more beach area. There are several piers along the beach with pretty rocks. The walk back up isn’t easy (especially when you’re carrying 20 pounds of rocks) unless you’re in great shape. Three trails named as following are used for hiking or bicycling:

Hutchinson Trail (1.0 mile) runs from Sheridan Road along Hutchinson Ravine to Lake Michigan and features interpretive exhibits and viewing stations along the route.

Birding Trail Loop (1.7 miles) can be accessed from both parking lots and connects at many points to the other trails.  

Sandy shoreline is 0.75 miles for hiking only. The shoreline is also great for fishing, bird watching, picnicking or relaxing.


•Bike riding can be a good option too:


There is a 34.81 km Bike Ride in Cudahy, WI, United States. The Bike Ride here has a total uphill of 143.48 m and has an extreme elevation of 210.99 m. Terrain is surrounded by scenic beauty. Sidewalks are smooth surfaces more like in Urban Area. 




The Lake of Michigan in north of Sheridan Park, in Milwaukee is an important flyway for birds, and Sheridan Park is a good place to bird, especially in spring and fall. You can relax on the shore of Lake Michigan, learn about Fort Sheridan's story through self-guided educational exhibits, and enjoy trails for recreation and nature observation. You will also find Panfish, Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike in the depth of 8 feet in the pond of Sheridan.



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