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Hike to Cukul Sunrise Point

Sunrise point Cukul is among the best beauty places of Bandung that should not be missed. The city comprises of many charms that you must visit, and it has many attractive and unique sites that will blow your mind. With warm weather around the corner, you should plan a vacation and be able to enjoy and adventure the sunrise in Tea Cakul garden The tea plantation expanse is an attraction center of many tourists, and one of which is the Cukul Tea Plantation, it is the best place and gives the tourist a view of the breathtaking experience of the sunrise. If you are a fan or the Sunrise point Cukul photography, you should not miss a trip to the place. You can also walk to the top of the past the tea trees while enjoying the view of the sunrise. While at the top you will get to have a fantastic view that you will remember forever. The Sunrise point Cukul is situated in a plateau area that gives a cool breeze with fresh air. Therefore if you want to tour this place, you can use the road and enjoy the surrounding environment of the green plantation while making your way to sunrise point. While at Sunrise point Cukul you can enjoy different adventures, for instance, you can watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise. Cukul is a much-hunted sight, and you must visit if you are in Cukul Tea Plantation. Besides the beautiful plantations, there is a lake called Situ Cukul located close to the sunrise point. You can also visit the lake to get a sense of peace and calm. There is also the Cikondang Traditional Village view meters away you can make a stop at the village to enjoy the traditional cultural activities For a great family vacation Sunrise point, Cukul in Indonesia should be your destination. At the place, it is easier finding something that everyone enjoys, from special events to mountain climbing. It will be an unforgettable trip and a great way to enjoy the sunrise with a family and friends.


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