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Hike to Eldfell Volcano

Eldfell is a jagged, ash-covered is a remembrance of the 1973 eruption,  that resulted in enlargement of Heimaey island, which is also the largest and only inhabited island in the Westman island.To enjoy the view of this awesome volcano you should hike here. 

You can hike the trailhead from the harbor without much difficulty. Once you reach the trailhead, the path upwards is cleared. You can also hike into the crater. The path is soft and not extremely slippery on the way down. Once you get to the top then you can enjoy the view of the town, and the additional land that the island gained as a result of the eruption and the surrounding sea. You can also get near the large boulder, where there are some small holes under stones where you still can feel the heat of the lava. 

Also, on boat rides around the island, you can pass towering banks of ash sloping down to the sea and get a closer look at this phenomenon.


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