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Hike to (Erfelek Tatlica Fall) Tatlıca Waterfall

Turkey One of the more undiscovered natural wonders of the Mediterranean region, the The Tatlıca Waterfall is situated among lush pine trees and is quite the impressive sight for those who discover it.

The Tatlıca Waterfall drops down from a height of 15 meters into the Karasu River alongside a beautiful natural environment.

Visitors often continue following the river in order to gaze at the many other waterfalls in the area.

Tatlıca is also a great place to camp in the summer and autumn season between May and November. To reach the Tatlica Waterfall located 15 km away from Erfelek you have to walk parallel to Karasu River. After a nice walk through the trees you will find a second waterfall followed by nearly thirty waterfalls.


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