Hike to get a best view in Kite Hill


AWAYN IMAGE Hike to get a best view in Kite Hill
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to get a best view in Kite Hill

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Kite Hill is among the hidden gems in San Francisco, the Kite Hill Open Space is also not well known by the locals in the city. The area is a perfect destination to go if you are urban hiker, dog walkers, and if you are looking for mind-blowing views. You will love the steep climb to the peak of this park but it can get very windy at times. Most of the residents flock this hill mainly for flying kites.
The Kite Hill is located in an obvious location which means the landmark is not a secret but it is usually overlooked by tourist for the Sutro Tower. The hill can be found just beneath the Sutro Tower at the northern end of Corwin Street and it is a great spot to go if you want to enjoy lovely views of San Francisco with the crowds. The hill is surrounded by California poppy, Ithuriel’s spear, and soap plant which is an exclusive California lily.
The hill offers diverse scenery if you visit during the different season as you will experience green winter while the spring colors are followed by gold in the summer and fall. The best thing about the hill is that you will enjoy the stunning views which comprise of magnificent homes, parks, and bay at the east of the hill. The best way to explore the area is to hike on the hiking trails. You are also going to find a park which is suitable for relaxing and just taking in all the views.
The hill is dog-friendly and you should be on the lookout for dog poop left behind. The hill is also a great destination to go for flying kite because of the windy weather in the area.


The hill is a grassy open area and it is filled with a single swing, varieties of walking paths, beaches, and stunning San Francisco views.


The Kite Hill is located in the twisty streets close to the edge of Eureka Valley on the Market Street side. The park is surrounded by Yukon and the 19th streets on the west and north. You are also going to find entrances to the hill at the terminus of Stanton Street, Corwin Street, and Grand View Terrace.

Getting there

You are going to find a few Muni lines that are closer than 3 blocks to this park which means you should wear your hiking boot to walk to the hill. The bus lines that can take you the closest to the park are 33, 35, and 37 bus lines. 

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