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Hike to Preikestolen

The six-kilometer hike begins at the Preikestolen Fjellstue mountain lodge. Allow a total of four hours to ascend 350 meters for this moderately demanding round trip. Norwegian standards consider this hike relatively easy. In just half a day, one can do the trip, and there are several routes to choose from. A good alternative is to go up the main trail, choosing one of the downhill alternatives. 

Stavanger is Preikestolen's closest city. Getting from Oslo to Preikestolen by car is an approximately7-hour drive and from Bergen, the drive is over 6 hours, with three ferry rides along the way. There are daily flights as well as scheduled trains between Oslo and Stavanger. From Stavanger, aside from getting there by car, you can get to Preikestolen either by bus or by boat. The drive to Pulpit Rock is about an hour and a half and requires you to take the ferry that crosses Høgsfjord between Lauvik and Oanes. However, the perfect way to travel is by boat. A daily departure cruise from Pulpit Rock takes you to Oanes. From here you take the bus to Preikestolenhytta. 


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