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Hike to Reykjadalur

Reykjadalur has regularly been a favorite spot amongst locals in Iceland but in the past years, tourists are joining us there.

The trailhead to Reykjadalur begins starts at the Hot River cafe near the town of Hveragerði precisely starts at the parking lot where you cross a bridge over a river and a hike on a trail up the Rjúpnabrekkur Ptarmigan slopes, leading to Reykjadalur hot steam valley. This trail is wide and very easy to follow with a reserved inclination the entire way, the trip is a short 3.88 KM (2.4 Miles) and only takes an hour to an hour and a half one way.

Most people swim at the end of this hike, there are wooden docks and semi-private changing stalls. The more you climb up the hotter the water temperature gets, so there is a sweet spot for anyone's preference.

The trail can get busy, however, if you start by 7:30 am you may be one of the first to reach the river.


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