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Hike to Ribbon Falls ( Grand Canyon )

Ribbon Falls is accessible from Phantom Ranch along the famous and popular Rim to Rim hike, making it the only waterfall in Grand Canyon National Park accessible without backpacking or rafting. Ribbon Falls is located on the north side of the Colorado River, approximately 6 miles up Bright Angel Creek, hidden in a side canyon. Ribbon Falls is like a dream on a hot day at the Canyon, in this section where shade is welcome. 

The falls are about 100 feet high, and a giant travertine spire under the falls has been created by the mineral-rich water. You can walk around the falls and stand behind them after taking a dip in the ice cold pool at the bottom. Ribbon Falls, although relatively accessible, still requires significant planning and visiting effort, but it is worth it! 

If you've taken a left at the fork, the trail along the creek will give you adventurous hopping over the rocks in the creek and some navigating through the bushes-but eventually join the trail up the Ribbon Falls small canyon. You're going to have to do minor climbing, nothing too hard, but be prepared to be surprised as the trail seems to end, but you're going to have to keep going. Climb a few more rocks and you're just behind the falls. The view is worth the trip from behind the falls. Take a natural shower in the basin if the weather allows, or just enjoy this unexpected oasis along the North Kaibab trail. 


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