Hike to Russian Ridge Open Space, SC


AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Russian Ridge Open Space, SC
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Russian Ridge Open Space, SC
AWAYN IMAGE Hike to Russian Ridge Open Space, SC

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The Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is a regional park that can be found in the Santa Cruz Mountains in San Mateo County. The park covers 3,137 acres of land and it features 10.4 miles of trails that you can explore. It is also managed by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District.
Exploring the park
The park is popularly known for the mesmerizing display of wildflowers during the spring. If you visit during the summer, the hills turn to gold during the late evening sunlight. In the Autumn, the fog recedes and it is a great time to go if you want to enjoy enchanting ridge views of San Francisco Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains through the clean air.
The park houses a wide range of plant fauna, miles of forest edge, with an abundant spring which makes it a great place to find wildlife. You are going to find a plethora of raptors that soar over the lush grasslands while the coyotes patrol the ridges. The steep forested canyons are used as a refuge by the animals and you will find diverse animals species in the area.
You can go hiking on the varieties of trails in the park or try out the Bike and Equestrian Access. The Bike and Equestrian Access is not designated on all the trails in the preserve but you can check the map to see the areas where it is permitted.
If you visit during the spring, the preserve comes alive with color and the native wildflowers like poppies and lupine start to bloom magnificently. Between May and June, the gumweed, farewell to spring, mule ears, and brodiaea bloom are in abundant.
The preserve also houses a wide range of birds and it is a great place to do bird-spotting activities. It is also considered to be the best place to find raptors in the Bay Area. Some of the birds that you will see here are turkey vultures, Red-tailed hawks, sharp-skinned hawks, Cooper’s hawks, and golden eagles.
The preserve houses the Borel Hill which is known as the highest named point in San Mateo County and it offers lovely 360-degree views of the area.
It also features the Mindego Gateway and the Audrey C. Rust Commemorative Site. The site houses a tiered viewing platform which includes a wheelchair-accessible terrace that gives tourists the chance to enjoy mesmerizing views of the protected peaks and ridgelines that continued to the Pacific Ocean.
The top Trails to explore in the preserve
You are going to find more than 10 miles of trails which is suitable for hiking, biking, and equestrian activities (you should also note that dogs are not allowed on this preserve). Some of the best trails to explore are listed below.

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