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Hike to Strefi Hill

Strefi Hill makes an ideal haven for a short escape from the urban chaos, especially if you happen to reside in some of the adjoining neighborhoods.

Tucked between the central Athens neighborhood of Exarcheia and Alexandras Avenue, Lofos Strefi doesn’t have much to offer in itself, except for some nice views and the rare chance to walk in a woody, non-paved area.

The slopes of the hill are fairly densely forested with pines, cypresses, eucalypti, agaves, and other plants.

To get there Turn right and walk up the steps where Kallidromiou meets the end of Emmanouil Benaki St. You will see the path leading up to the hill right in front of you.

A walk at Lofos Strefi can be combined with: -a stroll in the center of Athens (Syntagma Square, Panepistimiou St, Akadimias St., Kolonaki neighborhood) -a visit at the Pnevmatiko Kentro Athinon (City of Athens’ Cultural Center) if there’s an exhibition there.

In general, it's a great place to relax with your friends after a long walk around the city.

According to mythology, the goddess Athena wanted her temple in Acropolis to be as close to the sky as possible.

One stormy night she went to Penteli Mountain and took a massive rock which she wanted to put on top of the already existing one.

As she was carrying the rock two blackbirds came close to her and told her some bad news on a case she had to take care of immediately.

On her furry and hurry, she dropped the rock right in the middle of Athens.

In antiquity the hill was wooded and Zeus temple was on its top.

It is not just the view that one can enjoy, but also the walk on the narrow lanes up to the hilltop.

This open-air theatre was built from 1964 through 65 by architect T. Zenetos on the ruins of an old quarry.

It is the oldest, after Plaka, an area in Athens (Nea Polis-New City).

Its construction started after 1860 at the same time when the neighboring area of Exarcheia was built.

Due to the ground inclination, the part of the area close to Lycabettus Hill forms a zone with tree-clad pedestrian streets and steps which end up in central streets .



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