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Hike to Tenderfoot, Colorado

If you are looking for a hiking trail in the Colorado area that will soothe your mind and mend your soul with stunning views and crisp, fresh air that refreshes your spirit from within, then your search is over with the Tenderfoot Mountain trails. The Tenderfoot Mountain trail is 2.6 miles long and located near the city of Silverthorn, Colorado. It is a relatively smaller mountain when compared to its brothers and sisters in the area, not even touching the 12,000 meter mark, but it is one of the most scenic ones. The paths are lined with wildflowers and greenery in the spring and summer seasons, whereas the tracks are covered with a shiny layer of pristine, white snow in the winters, giving you the opportunity to witness and experience a true winter wonderland.


You can hike atop the hill and be greeted with a gorgeous view before you as the rest of the landscape pans out in front of your eyes. You can even find the Dillon Reservoir flowing down below from up there. You can either trek up to the trail or you can get a jeep to get you to the starting point. One of the best things about this hike is that it is completely free of cost, yet is as natural as ever. It is also a trail that remains active throughout the year. In the fall, you can hike up the mountain to be greeted by a range of colors that go from a rich brown to a blazing auburn, and in the winter you can watch people skiing down the snowy slopes, showering you with powdery drizzle.



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