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Hike to The High Junk Peak Trail

The country park encompasses the wild eastern and western parts of the Clearwater Bay Peninsula.

On the east face of its abrupt summit, mountains plunge to densely wooded foothills, where buttress slopes stretch to Clearwater Bay and the typhoon shelter beyond.

In early spring, when a burst of pink dresses nearby slopes, the formidable High Junk Peak seems almost tame.

The High Junk Peak Trail which is also considered as a mountain biking trail offers two trails that are running close by each other, one for hiking, the other for biking.

This popular with hikers, the trail is only open for mountain biking from Mondays to Saturdays. Though only 2.3 km long this no shade route makes for a fairly tough hike, especially on a hot sunny day.

But once you get that the top of this sop you will be welcomed with splendid views over grassy hillsides dotted with boulders, as well as Sai Kung hills, and islands including the jagged Ninepins.


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