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Hike to Timanfaya National Park

Different volcanic eruptions and magmatic activity throughout history turned this land into what we see today. From the natural viewpoint of Montaña Rajada, you can observe a vast sea of lava that spreads out to the coast. Since the date of its formation, people living on the island have had to learn how to coexist with this unusual landscape, and they even grow dryland crops such as melons, onions, tomatoes and vineyards in the area of La Geria.

The visit to Timanfaya and the wine region of La Geria is practically required if you have plans to make a trip to the neighboring island.

If you visit this place through a guided tour, you can see things such as the green lake and the jagged coastlines as well. The tours typically take you on a visit to get to know one of Lanzarote’s most stunning environments: the Timanfaya National Park. You can explore the volcanic coast of the southern area visiting the green lake of El Golfo and Los Hervideros, and finish off in the wine region of La Geria where you get to taste one of the famous local Malvasía wines. Lanzarote, 100% volcanic essence!


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