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Hiking in Kaisariani forest

At the Kaisariani forest you will come across a green landscape full of trekking routes and dense trees, while the Park of Environmental Information and Sensitisation “Antonis Tritsis” will amaze you with its lavish green scenery and lakes, an ideal destination for families with small children.

The most visited site of the area is the Byzantine Kaisariani Monastery not far away from the entrance to the forest park. It dates back to the 11th century and today consists of the main church, Chapel of Agios Antonios, refectory and kitchen, baths and cells all closed among tall stone walls. There is a 1 euro entrance fee and even though the monastery is not large it is beautifully preserved and worth exploring.

From the monastery, a wide path leads through orchards and meadows to the ruins of Agios Taxiarches and the church of Agios Markos, the first center of Christianity in this part of the mountain. 

Following the botanical trail climbing above the monastery, you will stumble upon another small church hidden in the forest. This little church called Analipsi.  From Analipsi the path continues up through the woods until it joins wide dirt road running across the slopes of the mountain. Turn left here following the road for a couple of kilometers enjoying the panoramic views of Athens underneath and the company of fellow hikers, dog walkers, and mountain bikers.

After a while, you’ll see another path dropping down to the left. It’ll take you to Kalopoula, the only refreshment at the Kaisariani forest. It consists of a tiny wooden hut and a large outside seating area. 


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