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Hiking on Fimmvorduhals (Summer)

If you’re trying to find a great one-day hike that mixes the best of Iceland into one trek, this is it. The Fimmvörðuháls path takes you thru a number of the foremost dramatic scenery Iceland has got to provide, from a series of canyon waterfalls to a volcanic moonscape. Confine mind, this day-hike is as long as it is rewarding.


Among the numerous hiking trails in Iceland, the Fimmvörðuháls hike (also referred to because the Fimm hike) is one in every of the simplest day hikes. It’s located within the southwest — one in every of the busiest tourist regions of Iceland — however few travelers complete the total hike. The highlight of this hike is being able to run through a good diversity of landscapes at intervals a day: beginning at the ocean, intensifying past twenty six waterfalls to sedgy champaign, then across a volcanic plateau home to some of the world’s most recent volcanic activity.


There’s a mountain hut halfway into the hike (Fimmvörðuháls Mountain Hut) that has room for twenty individuals (a shared room with small mattresses on the floor). However, there is no water within the hut, however water are often found in multiple spots on the hike


Getting there & away

From Reykjavik, it’s a two-and-a-half-hour drive to Skógafoss waterfall from wherever the hike begins. You’ll need to urge an early begin, as this is a protracted day-hike and you don’t need to complete too late within the evening. The path ends in Thórsmörk (named when the Norse God, Thor), that may be a region of the stream natural depression accessible by road from the route and with accommodation and camping spots. The road follows the stream natural depression back to the route (1 hour of driving) on a jolting gravel road with multiple stream crossings. A word of warning: don’t try this in a very rental automotive, however rather organize super jeep transport or catch the local bus that plies this route.

When to go

The best season for hiking in Iceland is usually from July to mid-September, once the weather is at its best and also the trails area unit afar from snow. Confine mind, the weather is one in every of the most factors relating to the difficulty of this hike. If it’s windy or cloudy, navigation and heat will become a challenge. Best to examine the weather beforehand and ensure that you have the proper gear just in case of sudden weather changes.

Bring layers: the weather will change quickly within the mountains (especially in Iceland), therefore best to bring layers that you simply will battle and kick off depending on the weather

Sunglasses: if it’s a sunny day these area unit continuously helpful

Hat: again, if it’s a sunny day

Water bottle: there are several places to fill your bottle along the primary on Skógá River, however spots are few and far between after that.



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