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Hiking PingXi Crags

Taipei possesses plenty of hiking trails in a way that is perfect for people who want to experience nature and see some incredible landscapes, and  PingXi Crags is one of them! 


Challenging but extraordinarily exhilarating and satisfying sums up your adventure at PingXi Crags. 


To reach the top, these 450m-high crags require you to scramble up metal ladders and steps carved into the rock face. There is no need for technical skill, but it is nevertheless an adrenaline rush. Walk to the main road from Pingxi train station to get to the trails and turn right. Just past the spiffy-looking red-brick school, you're going to see a set of left stairs and an English map board. Head up the stairs and then look for the sign for Cimu Feng (; Cím Fēng) after a five-minute walk along the trail. Follow the path as it alternates up a ridge and hugging a steep gray cliff of calcareous. You will reach a set of cement stairs within one to 11⁄2 hours. 


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