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Hiking to Meteora

A trip to Meteora offers the unique experience of the grandeur of nature combined with the eternal desire of history, architecture, and man to connect with the Divine. From the early Christian times, the vertical cliffs of Meteora have been considered the perfect place to attain absolute isolation, to discover peace and harmony, and thus to support the eternal struggle of man for spiritual elevation. Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations, but one must also be prepared to expect this trip to go far beyond just visiting a beautiful landscape. 

 Takeing a Meteora Hiking Tour is one of the best ways to enjoy this unique geological phenomenon and learn the history of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By joining this morning hike you will walk through hidden trails that only locals know. You can also start your hike from the foothills of Doupiani rock, beneath the old ruins of Pantokrator monastery. Then crosses through the immense rock formations to reach the northern side of Meteora. Over that side, you’ll discover the hidden monastery of Ypapanti and the ruins of St. Dimitrios. 

After you enter the hidden monastery of Ypapanti (only Monday to Friday), which is open to hikers. Afterward, you can visit the monasteries of Great Meteoron or Varlaam and then you’ll walk down the old footpath monks used for centuries before the construction of roads for the last part of this marvelous hike.

 The two best viewing areas in Meteora with panoramic views of the valley and its monasteries are at it's Observation Decks Εξέδρα. They are marked by parking signs where there are no monasteries nearby. From those two spots  you can see the sunset/sunrise casting a soft light across the valley and lighting up the monasteries with a golden glow.



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