Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay


AWAYN IMAGE Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking Trails in Plettenberg Bay

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Plettenberg is home for many adventurous walking and hiking trails. Some of the trails like Garden Route involves serene forest and beautiful coastal walks and hikes, perfect for the family. The hikes and walks differ, in terms of length and ease. Routes like Natures Valley features numerous short and easy hikes as well as striking coastal walks, while the Tsitsikamma route provides some of the longest expedition hikes that range from duration 2 days to 10 days. The longer trails also include the remarkable Tsitsikamma Otter and Mountain Trails. Below are some of the best hiking trails and routes in Plettenberg Bay.


No. 1 Hikers Paradise Trails

Ease: Difficult 

Duration: From 45 minutes to 4 hours

Distance: 2 kilometers to 7 kilometers 

Landscapes: Fynbos, coastal escapement, stalactites/stalagmites, pebbly sea shores, remarkable views, as well as whale and dolphin viewing.

Authorization: None

The hikes start every day at 10 am except Sundays. Hikers are supposed to pay an entrance fee at the entrance, as this 4 circular trails take part on private property. For this reason, only guided hikes are permitted. If you are interested in 4 Hikes Paradise Trails, you will have to call and make a reservation through the contact 044-5331760. The hikers can enjoy thrilling adventures such as stalactites and stalagmites caves, rich marine life, and breath-taking views of coastal escapement. The presence of the guide also makes the trail interesting to go through. All the 4 routes start and end at the property parking lot. 

No. 2 Robberg Nature Reserve Trails 

Ease: Moderate to fairly difficult 

Duration: 45 minutes, to 5 hours

Distance: 60 kilometers

Features: Indigenous forest

The first thing you will notice on the brochure is the stern warning – ‘beware of freak waves and strong currents at all times. The peninsula is dangerous. Please, do not wander off to lookout points especially when strong winds prevail’. 

This adrenaline-filled trail features striking scenery, beaches, loud-crashing waves, and barking Cape fur seals as well as that feeling of being far from civilization. Hikers will get to see the breath-taking views of Plettenberg Bay and the perpetual shoreline to Nature’s Valley. The trail offers two options; a 45-minute walk to the Circuit Point, and 5-hour-hike that is fairly difficult. This trail is not recommended to toddlers because of the high tides. To make a reservation, you can check out capenature.org.za.  

No. 3 Harkerville Forest Flora Trail 

Ease: Fairly easy

Duration: 1 hour 

Distance: 1 kilometer


This trail begins and ends at the Kranshoek picnic spot, which can easily be reached from the N2. All of the indigenous trees are conveniently marked with National Tree numbers for easy identification. You can actually stop at N2 and take in the marvelous dark green forest. Hikers will encounter a variety of indigenous trees including the Ironwood, white Pear, Yellowwood, and Cape Beech. There are also dazzling climbers such as ferns, mosses, and colorful fungi along this hiking trail. For booking, visit sanparks.org.za 

No. 4 Kranshoek Coastal walk

Ease: Fairly easy

Duration: 7 hours 

Distance: 9 kilometers 

Things to pack include a 2-liter water bottle, a hat, sunblock, snorkeling gear, and a camera. This hiking trail starts at Kranshoek picnic site and ends at the same place. The Kranshoek Coastal Walk trail will arouse the marine-biologist in you. The along the path viewpoints of the seashores gives the perfect opportunity to look out for dolphins and whales frisking in the surf below. The beach itself is gorgeous. Despite this trail is 7 hours, it is less strenuous. The paths that lead deep through the forest are conveniently demarcated. The paths have crystal streams that will offer refreshment on a hot day.


No. 5 Point Shack Trail

Ease: Moderate

Duration: 2 days

This trail has a blissful experience. The hike starts at Robberg Nature Reserve park lot. The trail features extraordinary sea views, seal colony as well as whales and dolphin sightings. Hikers can either return using the same path or continue with the circular long route. To make reservation, visit www.capenature.co.za

No. 6 Ruiterbos Forest Hiking Trail


Ease: Easy

Permit: Self-issued 

Duration: Various options

There are several hiking trails starting at Eight Bells Mountain Inn, varying from short and easy Protea Hill Walk, to strenuous 4-hour Ruitenbos Forest Walk. This enchanting hike is highlighted by the beautiful indigenous and pine forest. Trees along the paths are marked with their origin nation list numbers. There is also a recommended accommodation at Eight Bells Mountain Inn.

No. 7 Doring Wilderness Trail

Ease: Medium to hard

Permit: Required – can be obtained at Outeniqua Nature Reserve or Witfontein District Office

Distance: 15 kilometers to 50 kilometers 

The 50 kilometers trail can take up to 6 days depending on hiker's pace nevertheless, it will still require overnight stops. The 15 kilometers trail is quite easy and can take up to 7 hours, and is quite scenic. Hikers can spot grey rhebuck, klipspringer, and leopards.

No. 8 Pass to Pass Trail

Ease: Medium

Permit: Required – obtain at Witfontein Forestry Station

Distance: 7.5 kilometers 

Hikers can embark on this trail from either direction. The hike offers remarkable views of George and Victoria Bay- on a clear day. At the end of the hike, hikers can choose to walk back to the start or arrange for a ride. It all depends on your energy. Before starting the hike, it recommended to carry a hat and apply sunscreen. 

No. 9 Drupkelders Trail and Rock Pools

Ease: Easy

Duration: 1 hour

Distance: 1 kilometer


Permit: Required

Restrictions: 12 persons per day

This trail is heavily under patrol and you can be fined if you infringe the laws. Despite that, the trail is fascinating, with paths deep down into the forests, and then to open stunning pools glittering in the sunlight. This hiking trail is suitable for kids too – provided they know how to swim. The only difficulty in this trail will be the homestretch, which is quite steep but still easily manageable. If you are interested in this trail, you can make reservations by calling Cathy at Sanparks through 044 302 5606. Permits can be obtained at the entrance. 






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