Historic Railroad Trail


AWAYN IMAGE Historic Railroad Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Historic Railroad Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Historic Railroad Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Historic Railroad Trail
AWAYN IMAGE Historic Railroad Trail

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This is a mostly-flat hiking trail that was created from a historic railroad bed. It begins outside of Boulder City, very close to the Lake Mead visitor's center, where there are free parking lots and very clean bathroom facilities with running water and soap. There is another parking lot a short distance from the visitor's center that is located right at the trailhead. At the start of the trail you will some rock faces and a panoramic view of Lake Mead. It is a very manageable 8+ miles round-trip hike that takes you through 5 railroad tunnels (on a sunny day you won’t need a flashlight walking through the tunnels, as they are rather short). There are some bathrooms about 2.5 miles into the hike right outside an equipment yard for Hoover Dam. Continuing for another 1.5 miles, you end up at the upper level of the Hoover Dam parking garage. There is a shortcut when you get close to the garage, but it is at a 12 percent grade decline going out and an incline on your return. At the garage take the elevator to the 1st floor, where you’ll find the Hoover Dam visitor's center, cafes, snack bar, and restrooms. Stroll over to the Hoover Dam to enjoy the scenic views and photo opportunities. Allow three to four hours, depending on how fast you hike and how long you plan to stay at the Hoover Dam area. The trail closes at 5pm between the Dam and the last tunnel. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and water. The trail is worth doing just to avoid the crowds, lines, and paid parking at Hoover Dam. Plus, it was quite peaceful when we did the hike in early January.

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