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holyrood park

Holyrood Park could be a short walk from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in the heart of the city.  The parks highest purpose is Arthur's Seat, an ancient volcano, and sits 251m on top of water level giving an excellent read of the town; it's conjointly the positioning of an oversized and well-preserved fort. This can be one in all four hill forts qualitative analysis from around 2000 years ago. With its many varieties of flora and geology, it's conjointly site of Special Scientific Interest. 


Within the park you'll also visit St Anthony’s Chapel - a fifteenth-century medieval chapel, Harare Crags – a series of a hundred and fifty-foot drop-off faces dominating Edinburgh’s skyline also as Puddingstone Loch – a water loch made in birdlife.

The walk to Arthur's Seat could be steep. However, a superb path on to the small, rocky summit makes the slope easier. 

To get there:

Edinburgh center is exceptionally well served by buses and trains to Waverley terminus. To get to Holyrood Park from Waverley, walk south on North Bridge over the street to achieve Cow gate. Turn left, follow Cow gate on to Holyrood Road that swings right into Holyrood Gait and into Holyrood Park.



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