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Horsetail Falls Trail

This trail can be found by taking a trail off the main trail to the left and you will quickly come to a slab of granite that you can sit and look out at the falls in the distance. To get to the lower part of the falls, you continue on the trail until you come to a sign that does not mention the falls. You want to continue to the LEFT of the sign and about 35 to 45 steps past the sign on your left you will see a trail. The trail has a quick drop so it doesn't seem like it is an actual trail but if you continue down you will see a trail and it will take you to the base of the falls. There could be some climbing down to the water once you get there so if you have children you want to keep an eye on them. If you want to go to the top of the falls, bypass this trail and continue up the main trail. This is a little bit more difficult to find. You will need to look for a big rock on your left-hand side and somebody has stacked some rocks to designate the entrance. You will then need to climb up the rock and over and you will see a trail and follow it. You will know that you have the right place if you continue you will see what I would call a table style Rock formation in front of you. A little tunnel so to speak. Again you need to be careful in this area while climbing around. Finding the waterfall was tricky for us- after you pass the pirate flag keep going until you hit a sign for deer Creek trail and keep left after the sign. Then when you hit some slabs of rock and you can either climb what sort of looks like a trail up the slab of rock or continue going on the dirt path, that is when you start climbing the rock! You will see the waterfall soon after that. Recommend going earlier in the summer months, it gets really hot.


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