AWAYN IMAGE Walk in Hosier Lane
AWAYN IMAGE Walk in Hosier Lane
AWAYN IMAGE Walk in Hosier Lane
AWAYN IMAGE Walk in Hosier Lane
AWAYN IMAGE Walk in Hosier Lane

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A must for anyone who loves graffiti art I love Graffiti art and had heard all about Melbourne in general as the hot spot for this kind of art. I was with my family and we all wanted to do different things which made it harder. We all compromised and got to pick something on our must see list. and I picked Hosier lane. Although it was my pick and initially my family acting as if I was dragging them around once we got there everyone loved it. They spent the rest of the day thanking me for taking them there. The lane was smaller then I had expected but, in a way that made the work even that much more impressive. It had this small funky art gallery feel to it. I will say it got a little crowded but, they all seemed to come at once and then it would get quite. Most of the people moved through the lane pretty quickly where I wanted to soak it all in. If you like graffiti or pop art it's definitely worth checking out.

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