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Humpback Rocks Recreation Area

Humpback Rocks is great hike for anyone who has no experience hiking at all! Its a great starter hike if your looking to explore Virginias great outdoors and don't know where to begin The hike is free and is within driving minutes off of 64. Bring water, good shoes and a camera. Everything else can stay at home, pack as light as possible and enjoy the breathe taking views with sounds of mother natures music. Any fairly healthy motivated human can make it to the top, kids and seniors as well. Watch your steps since the trail is semi steep and rocky, allow yourself plenty of time to get back down safely before it gets dark. Bring flashlights just to be safe. Black Bear contact is possible, they are more active in the evening, most are friendly and do not run if your paths cross. Your dogs must be on leashed. Enjoy!


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