Surfing in Huntington Beach


AWAYN IMAGE Surfing in Huntington Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Surfing in Huntington Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Surfing in Huntington Beach
AWAYN IMAGE Surfing in Huntington Beach

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The Huntington Beach Pier is a great spot to catch the sunset with plenty of food spots nearby. Enjoy good weather year-round. Surfers welcome. The Huntington Beach Pier is a great spot for a multitude of activities. If you’re looking to body-surf, surf, swim, jog, or just chill, this is the spot for you. There’s plenty of a restaurants nearby, making it the perfect weekday/weekend getaway. I frequent this location to shoot sunsets by the pier. Overall, it’s a nice clean beach that’s great for hanging with friends and family. There are parking lots by the pier as well as parking structures further up. Depending on the lot, parking is $1.50/hr. with a maximum of $15/day. Harbor location makes it easy for beginners, because there aren’t any waves to topple you over. Great for an upper-body workout, with a very relaxing ambiance. Huntington Harbor is the perfect location for an easy and relaxing stand up paddle board session. Here you will get to enjoy the view of the houses by the harbor, some boats sailing by, and some low bridges you’ll have to paddle through while ducking on your board (fun!). There are several stores close to the harbor, which offer board rentals as well as classes. If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend trying this out. You will not have to worry about falling off, because there are no waves that get in your way, just calm waters. When your arms get tired, you can simply lie on your board without worrying about floating in the middle of the ocean. Once done, you can grab a bite in one of the restaurants near Sunset Beach, along Pacific Avenue, and you can also wait for the sun to set near the shore line.

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