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Hike to Huntington Lake

Huntington Lake is a reservoir so depending on the time of year the water level varies.  Your reward for making it up that horrible steep mountain is this beautiful lake. If you want an unspoiled and beautiful mountain setting, for camping or renting a cabin, Huntington is truly wonderful. One of the main reasons I really enjoy this lake is in fact the lake offers far fewer options than any other lakes around, which is fabulous. No water skiing and no Jet Skis means no wakes and no noise. Lots of canoes, kayaks and sail boats made things much more picturesque and calm. If you are also interested in camping then I would recommend you to visit just a few miles towards Shaver Lakes, and camp in Camp Edison. Camp Edison is surprisingly quiet during the day and especially at night. We had rented a trailer so my comments relate to the campground itself. If you have a bicycle this is a great place to get out and ride around the camp sites. Take a map with you, as you can get lost, it is a lot larger than it looks. We will return again some day.


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