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Hike to Glymur Falls

Iceland’s second tallest waterfall at roughly 198 m / 649 ft high is located in Hvalfjordur and not visible from the road.

Until 2007, Glymur was the tallest waterfall in Iceland and some people still talk about it being the tallest one, since the newly discovered one hasn’t gained any popularity yet.

Leading up to it is a good hiking path but should only be attempted by those not daunted by heights or challenging hikes. Standing by Glymur you'll have a good view of the surrounding landscape, which is both jaw-dropping and breath-taking. The adventurous hike, approx. 4 hours roundtrip will take you from the trailhead at Botnsa river through spectacular scenery including a rock arch, a cave and will have you crossing a crystal-clear river on a strategically placed log. 


The first part of this hike is relatively flat, we walked through the terrain. In June the lupines are in full bloom, making a great contrast against the green fjords in the back. Eventually the path will come to signage this is where the trail splits. You have the option to take the South or North side. It is preferred that you should take the South side as it has better views of Glymur along the hike and it is the more popular route. To take the South route you will need to take the lower path down to continue on the hike to Glymur. Here is where you will go through the Thvottahellir Lava Cave, or also known as the Wishing Cave. After the cave the path will continue along the river’s edge until you reach where you will need to cross the river. Hike is going to leave you with the “rainbows and butterflies” side. In spring and summer locals set up the log to help hikers cross the river, which is why this hike is difficult in the winter months. Take your time to get situated and secure your belongs before trying to cross. It is slick on top of those rocks so do take your time, once at the log there is a wire to hold on to help with your balance. The water does rush pretty fast, so stay sure footed and belongings attached. The water is pretty cold at the beginning of June, but not unbearable. The path will start to incline as this trail ends up being mostly along the ridge of the ravine. This river is the run off of the Glymur waterfall so you will be pretty much following this until you approach the falls.



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