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Photograph the Rútshellir Cave in South Iceland

Rutshellir Cave is located right off the ring road not far from Skogafoss. There is a sign at the parking area describing the purpose of the caves. If you're self-driving along the South Shore of the Ring Rd to/from Skógafoss, this is a very easy and quick stop to explore a historic man-made cave. It's only about 4.6 km from Skógafoss. There's an information sign and parking area right off the Ring Rd. We learned the man-made cave shelters have only been found in Iceland's southern region and there are upwards of 200 of them scattered about 90 farms in the region. Says 41 of these caves are now protected sites, but another source says many are still in use today. Gazing upon the rocky shelter and peering into the cave gives you deeper appreciation for how people used natural formations for shelter despite the harsh arctic elements!


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